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Radiation study on mobile C-arm and aortic endografting

Friday, 24 Jun 2011 12:16
Stephan Haulon
Stephan Haulon

Stéphan Haulon, chief of Vascular Surgery Hôpital Cardiologique – CHRU Lille, France, presented data from a radiation study on mobile C-arm and aortic endografting at the CX Vascular Imaging Course.

Between April 2008 and October 2010, he told delegates, 301 patients were treated in the Advanced Endovascular Surgery theatre in the CHRU Lille using the mobile hybrid cath lab OEC 9900 Elite (GE Healthcare). The cases treated included 14 aorto-uni-iliac, 209 bifurcated (including iliac branch), 39 fenestrated, 15 branched and 24 thoracic aneurysms.


“Indirect dosimetric information was recorded for each patient. Cumulated dose – dose area product (DAP) – was calculated from imaging protocol as an estimator of energy imparted to the patient during the treatment. Fluoroscopy time and contrast media volume were proportional to procedure complexity,” he said.


In the literature, Haulon added, there are few DAP values for EVAR, and none are on fenestrated and branched grafts. “There are more reports on fixed rooms than in mobile C-arm operating rooms, and few cases, a maximum of 100, report a large range of DAP values,” he stated.


For the 209 bifurcated cases, Haulon said, mean fluoroscopy time was 10.2min and DAP was 3.1mGy.m2. In the 24 thoracic repair cases, fluoroscopy time was 8.2min and DAP was 2mGy.m2; in the aorto-uni-iliac procedures fluoroscopy time was 9.1min and DAP was 2.6mGy.m2. These results are similar or better than results seen in the literature, Haulon added.


DAP values and peak skin dose were confirmed by direct measurements on GAFCHROMIC XR RV3 films, which were placed underneath the patients registering total dose distribution over complete procedure.


In conclusion, Haulon said that the study found a consistency of DAP values in relation with procedure complexity.

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